UnearthTalent is a place to be seen. It’s a place to be scouted. Create and upload your profile for your chance to be discovered. Every video and photo on our site has the opportunity to be seen by the right people who are looking for new and exciting talent, every day people, pets and locations.

UnearthTalent’s objective is to find the next big thing be they a singer, dancer, actor or a complete unknown talent. We also want normal every day people for TV Commercials, photo shoots, extras roles in films, fashion parades, reality TV shows and the list goes on. Anyone prepared to have a go and showcase their pics and videos on our site have the opportunity to gain work and be unearthed. 

We are talent scouts, we are not a talent agency, nor personal talent agents or managers of talent.  We scout for talent and are approached by agents, casting directors, music producers etc looking for new talent. We suggest new talent to these agents if we think they have something special and unique that we can showcase to them to sign. We offer another platform for everyone to be seen and scouted for their talents. We have professional relationships within music, modeling, sporting, theatre, TV, and college industries just to name a few.  If you have what is takes you could be thrust into the limelight and your talent unearthed.
UnearthTalent is a global performance talent resource website which connects talented everyday individuals, bands, groups and animals to industry professionals including casting directors, agents and talent scouts on a global scale, showcasing their talents across the arts and sport genres. Creative Advertising Agencies, Casting Directors, modelling and acting agents, we can save you time and money sourcing talent and locations. 
In addition to talent discovery, UnearthTalent caters for industry demand of providing a source of locations for movies, TV and TV Commercials. 
WHY? Many people would love the opportunity to be famous and be discovered. At UnearthTalent we know that there are many amazingly talented people who go undetected who have a standout talent. This site gives everyday people the chance of a lifetime to be recognized for their abilities via demonstrating on their profile with videos to showcase their talent.
It is easy to create a profile, upload your videos, photos and profile information and leave the rest to us.

Obviously there are no guarantees to be unearthed – what one person deems to be fabulous can be nothing spectacular to another. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
Co-Founders Kellie Langmaid and Katie O’Mara have worked together extensively for 10 years and individually in their own fields in the entertainment and media industries for over 22 years. Their knowledge and network within the talent, casting and advertising markets is harnessed with the creation of UnearthTalent.com. more
UnearthTalent will eliminate the red tape of finding an agent and breaking into the industry. Whether it be the first step of gaining an agent … more
Our research and industry experience have uncovered the huge market of leasing properties and 'locations' for TV filming, Movies, TV Commercials and commercial photo shoots … more
Do you have a talented pet who can do tricks, pull funny faces, sing etc? The advertising and television industries are always looking for pets for commercial purposes, so create a profile for your pet and upload them today!

NOTE: Please carefully read our terms & conditions before uploading your video and photographic content.

The feel of our site: UnearthTalent does not condone bad language, nudity, pornography or suggestive material, so there is no need to try and upload, it wont be unearthed on our site!